Luck is a state of vigilance.  It is to be on one's toes and to keep one's eyes open.  It is to see the opportunities and being able to incorporate them into your life.  

Luck is not some excuse for failure which lies outside of us.   

The psychologist, Prof. Richard Wiseman, conducts experiments on luck. He gives a newspaper to people who call themselves lucky and unlucky.  He asks them to examine the paper and tell him how many photographs they see.  Somewhere in the middle of the paper, he places this note covering half the page: “Tell the supervisor of the experiment that you saw this note and win $250." Those who regard themselves as unlucky don’t see it!  Because they were looking for something else...  

When we take a look at our lives, it is possible to feel unlucky. Yet, behind our experiences, there are beliefs we have unknowingly adopted from the environment and our family as children – such as, “Life is hard”, ”It's hard to earn money” etc... These kinds of beliefs don't illuminate our path at all.  With these beliefs, living cautiously, thinking in boxes, and without taking risks, we may say we are unlucky. We forget our part in the picture.    

If life is a series of experiences and, yet you see yourself continuing to experience the same mistakes over and over, then you aren't learning the lessons you need to learn along the way. You aren't changing the direction of the steps you're taking. You're very unlucky (!).

If luck is about being vigilant, now is the time to wake up! It's time to redefine what we call luck and start living like a person who's lucky...

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