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Welcome to my website which will open you doors to a new world.

My aim is to spread happiness and light into your heart.

By working together, you will be able to:

  • See things that were before "hidden" in front of your eyes
  • Reach your inner self and even unknown goals
  • Live life to its fullest, richest, and most beautiful ways we forget to see in our daily lives
  • Feel more than "just satisfied" with your life
  • Taste the color that surrounds you.

With Love and Light,
Hakan Arabacioglu


From my blog

Why do some relationships fail?

This time I wanted to write a piece of the kind you might find in Cosmopolitan. Why is it that some relationships fail? I believe that being aware of the following in our own relationships could make things easier. I put this piece together based...


Why are streets full of people that are all alike?

The system we grew up in doesn’t teach us to be ourselves. Very few ask, “What do I want? What would make me happiest in life?” Even our dreams are being controlled.  It is most men’s dream to own a red Ferrari once they get rich... It is beyond us to...